AMIE Deployment Strategies

Posted on: 5/31/2023 Last Updated: 6/3/2023
Some samples on AMIE's deployment strategies depending on how you want to use it or build an application from it
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AMIE Deployment Strategies

First off, AMIE likes a clean house, so preparing your environment for AMIE's arrival will give you the best OOB (Out of Box) experience.


vsCode - Run an instance in vsCode and build stuff

NodeJS and NPM - npm install will install the dependencies

MongoDB - A local instance of MongoDB for a NoSQL Document database (connection options are available) - Compass can be used to import a session to get started with or use the API /adduser with Rest Client (provided in to add a user xsrf session to the database.

SQlite3 - Uses Knex as a SQL Database connector for working with SQL and Relational Databases. Default is an embedded SQlite3 DB

Standalone Deployment using vsCode

amie doc readme